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Author: Delilah Chloe

What are Wax Melts. Luxury soy Wax Melts by Delilah Chloe. Home Fragrances
What are Wax Melts and How to use them

Occasionally we get asked “What is this?”, “How do I use it?”. So let us tell you more about Wax Melts! At Delilah Chloe we offer a range of luxurious soy wax melts that provide long-lasting fragrance for every room within the home. Here, we’ve put together a little more information about our melts, how…

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Delilah Chloe Birthday
Celebrating 2 Years of Delilah Chloe

Wow! Where have the last 2 years gone? It only seems like 2 minutes since I sat Carl down and told him “I have a great idea!”, but that I needed his help and support.. which came with a little eye-roll of “here we go!” from him. And with that, began a few months of…

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Get Spring Clean ready with our home fragrance essentials!
Get Spring Clean Ready with our Luxury Home Fragrances

With the glorious Spring weather arriving, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the big Spring Clean! At Delilah Chloe we’ve got so many gorgeous products that can help get your home smelling fresh and inviting!  Take a look at our must-have home fragrances to get Spring Clean ready! Our NEW Carpet Freshener is the absolute…

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